Diploma In Marine Engineering
Diploma In Marine Engineering Program Objective
The department of Marine Engineering starts its journey at SIMT in 2012. The department is enriched with a group of high qualified teachers having vast experience, good result & intelligence. As well as the department is enriched with super structural lab & multimedia projection class. Students seeking the degree (Diploma in Engineering in Marine Technology) must complete a series of subjects in four year program.
Course duration and assessment
This four-year diploma program in engineering disciplines aims to produce competent mid-level managers and supervisors who can carry out engineering projects. Students may enroll in this course provided they have a certificate of SSC passing. Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), the curriculum and academic activities of this course are governed.
Career of Diploma in Marine Technology
Marine engineering has become the top most wanted career in recent times. One can earn a lot of money as well as can travel also. Marine engineering is a challenging, economically glorious and adventurous occupation. In this profession government non-government along with domestic and abroad flag carrier ship’s engineer all over the world, became self-dependent and contribute the economic prosperity for the country. A diploma marine engineer has a great opportunity to competence on land or sea according to his preference. Marine engineering is recognizing as an honorable job in the advanced world. A diploma marine engineer can build up himself as a successful sailor in a short period.

Marine engineering is one of those sectors which can surely be a career to earn a lot of money. The reason behind it, now a days 90% product of world business are transporting by shipping industries. Every year 50 thousand merchant ship earn almost 200 Billion US Dollar. Now a days more than 150 countries of world feed regimented almost 1.3 million seafarers are working on shipping sector. Most of the senior officers are from advanced world of them. It’s mentionable that, presently there’s a vacancy of 1 lakh marine engineer and 5 lakh sailors on international shipping agencies. Thus there has been a huge demand for mariners in Bangladesh.
Eligibility for Admission
  •  Minimum GPA of 2.00 and minimum SSC equivalent in any discipline.
  • Science HSC students can enroll directly in the third semester.
  • Vocational HSC students can enroll directly in the fourth semester.
Admission Requirements
  • 3 copies of PP size photos
  • Main copy of the SSC transcript
  • In addition to the correctly completed admissions form
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