Diploma In Automobile Engineering
Diploma In Automobile Engineering Program Objective
The automobile is a significant technology in transportation and communication in the mechanized age of science and technology and globalization. All the theoretical and practical aspects related to automobiles and engine details including driving etc. are integrated in this technology. All training materials including practical parts are available in our institute. A part from various industries and car manufacturing companies including BRTC, BRTA, BIWTC, automobile engineers have a lot of job opportunities at home and abroad and in government/private technical institutes. Keeping in mind the job market, Saic Institute of Management and Technology is conducting a four-year Diploma in Automobile Technology program under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Teaching staff with practical work experience in higher and industrial institutions from various universities of the country and abroad are also engaged. The Department of Automobile Technology of SAIC Institute of Management and Technology is committed to building a developed and prosperous Bangladesh by creating a digital chapter.
Course duration and assessment
This four-year diploma program in engineering disciplines aims to produce competent mid-level managers and supervisors who can carry out engineering projects. Students may enroll in this course provided they have a certificate of SSC passing. Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), the curriculum and academic activities of this course are governed.
Career of Diploma in Automobile Technology
Automobile engineers are also required by those who are in the business of transportation companies. So there are plenty of job opportunities. Large corporations hire automobile engineers to handle the maintenance of their vehicles. Car dealerships also have job opportunities for automobile engineers. They work on fixing the defects of imported new cars or re-conditioned cars. Automobile engineers are also in demand from car factories abroad to car repair garages. 18/20 lakhs may be required initially for this. Funds are also provided from commercial banks. There are government job opportunities in the Department of Steel Engineering and other mechanical equivalent job fields.
Eligibility for Admission
  • ┬áMinimum GPA of 2.00 and minimum SSC equivalent in any discipline.
  • Science HSC students can enroll directly in the third semester.
  • Vocational HSC students can enroll directly in the fourth semester.
Admission Requirements
  • 3 copies of PP size photos
  • Main copy of the SSC transcript
  • In addition to the correctly completed admissions form
Lab facilities
  • Auto Engine Lab
  • Chassis & Transmission Lab
  • Autotronics Lab
  • Diesel Engine Lab
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